Helsinn Healthcare SA

Helsinn SA is a Swiss-based Group, focusing on developing and licensing innovative and valuable pharmaceutical compounds up to the highest quality standards.

Helsinn differs from other pharmaceutical groups since it acquires the global rights to new compounds when these are at the early clinical stage of development. It then completes their development up to the European (EMA) and the U.S. (FDA) standards and subsequently markets the products through its established network of partners.

The company within the Group which co-ordinates and manages all activities is Helsinn Healthcare SA, based in Lugano (Switzerland). Helsinn Birex Pharmaceutical Ltd. based in Damastown (Ireland) is Helsinn’s development, manufacturing and supply chain platform for finished drug products for Helsinn and our partners. The Group acquired a US-based biotech company  and established Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.) Inc. with headquarters in Iselin, New Jersey, which is focused on direct sale of Helsinn products in the USA. Helsinn Group is present in China with the company Helsinn Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co. Ltd. and has offices in Beijing and in Shanghai.

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